PRO-PAKS reduces cost by eliminating waste without compromising the high quality components our clients deserve.

I-TRAY (Customized Injection Trays)

PRO-PAKS is excited to introduce our new production line to accommodate the ever growing needs of our customers for a more personalized take on injection trays. Providing our clients with a larger foundation upon which they can further customize the surgical experience. Continuing the concept of being able to fully customize your surgical packs. Our I-Trays offer another spectrum for in office procedures that can simplify experience for patients and doctors alike.

Pro-Paks Surgical Markers & Marking Pads

Our surgical marking pens contain a large reservoir of medical grade non-irritating gentian violet ink and we have marking pads available to offer more flexible options. Our markers are available in both standard and fine tip.

Ophthalmic Surgical Knives

Our single use, disposable knives are the perfect tools for safe and secure procedures.

PVA & Fluid Management

Our effective synthetic PVA sponges and fluid management items are highly absorbent allowing aqueous solutions to be wicked up quickly.

Disposable Surgical Products

  • OPHTHALMIC CANNULAS – Our cannulas are made with stainless steel to reduce the body’s exposure to toxicity.
  • Ophthalmic Drapes – We offer an extensive line of surgical drapes that utilize high quality fabric and finishes providing our customers with an enhanced experience while using our drapes.

Post Op Refractive and Cataract Kits

Because caring for the health of your eyes goes beyond the hospital bed we provide an array of Post Op Refractive and Cataract Kits to aid in the healing process of your patients. We have customizable and standard options available for order.

Specialty Ophthalmic Instruments