Sleek, Stylish, and Innovative

The Nexy was released in 2017 and is the first product developed by Next Sight. Utilizing three components: a fundus camera, tablet, and a telemedicine platform, the Nexy is a versatile and affordable next generation robotic retinal imaging system. It is designed to be transported and able to fit easily into any practice or to be used to implement mass screening programs. Affordable and fully automated, the device is able to operate with minimal human intervention. It utilizes a connection to the cloud to integrate a telemedicine platform into its imaging, allowing remote consultation when it is not available on site.

About Next Sight

A company that’s always looking forward and puts people first. Next Sight is a highly innovative company that not only produces the Nexy for retinal imaging, but also has developed a telemedicine platform that allows patient data to be sent through a secure cloud when an on site doctor is unavailable. Utilizing a product that combines technology, a telemedicine platform, image management solutions, and secure data practices, Next Sight delivers a cutting edge device that revolutionizes retina capturing.