Based on CO₂ technology, The IOPtiMate system is a laser-assisted tool that allows eye surgeons to perform a Deep Sclerectomy Glaucoma Surgery utilizing a procedure called CLASS (CO₂ Laser-Assisted Sclerectomy Surgery). This reduces the elevated intraocular pressure by thinning the sclera of the eye without actually penetrating into the eyeball. utilizing the IOPtiMate and CLASS procedure transforms what is normally a highly risky, complex surgical procedure into a safe, elegant, and precise surgery with laser assistance.

About IOPtima

IOPtima is a company that develops surgical ophthalmic devices with a focus on being minimally-invasive. Their mission is to address the common safety problems associated with basic glaucoma surgeries. Utilizing their flagship product the IOPtimate and its innovative CLASS procedure system they have created a device that reduces complications and reduces the complexity and risk associated with glaucoma surgery.