EvokeDx® is the next generation icVEP + VEP + ERG device developed by Konan Medical and leading scientists in visual electrophysiology.  It’s compact, all-in-one form factor features numerous market-leading technologies including:  intuitive touch-screen user interface, Organic LED stimulus display, infrared gaze and attention monitoring, dual-channel amplifier, and powerful Fourier (Frequency domain) analytics with intuitive reporting. EvokeDx is a fresh approach to visual electrophysiology.

One-touch help screens provide context-sensitive explanations of all analytic components for all tests. A robust comparison feature allows instant comparisons.

  • compare how one patient compares to another patient of known characteristics
  • compare same eye from a prior exam to assess progression
  • compare how a bright response compares to dark response, same pattern
  • compare how a small check response compares to large check response
  • compare right and left eyes on same day