NTENSE-IR® adds the most advanced technology to ETHEREA-MX® for non-ablative skin tightening and skin laxity treatments. In addition to providing a fully technology non-ablative, non-invasive and without downtime, has long been enshrined in Brazil and worldwide, INTENSE-IR® incorporates the latest advents in light-based systems, providing a safe, versatile therapeutic option and with proven results.

  • Non-ablative, non-invasive and no-downtime technology, renowned worldwide,
  • Pre/post-cooling integrated system, which, in practice, ensures both procedure safety and comfort, while also providing more aggressive treatment options;
  • Versatility, with face and body treatment indications, with applications combined in stamping and in-motion modes, INTENSE-IR is the only technology on the market capable of easily adapting to the specific needs of the patient and the treatment itself.