Meet the new generation of laser Er: YAG laser that combines, thanks to its unique DualMode® technology, indications of ablative and coagulativos treatments in one shot. The concept in technology laser that brings the real power of fractional resurfacing to their clinical practice.

SUPERIOR RESULTS WITH DUALMODE TECHNOLOGY The double-pulsed (stacking) system, with the combined effect of tissue ablation and coagulation in the same pulse, increases the formation of RTD (Residual Thermal Damage) and improves collagen stimulation at depth. DualMode gives you the great results of a CO2 combined with the reduced downtime and minimal side-effects you expect from an Er:YAG laser.

DualMode® InLift® adds a new intraoral treatment option for the ETHEREA-MX® platform, indicated for tightening and lifting effect through the power of laser technology. DualMODE InLift adds a virtually painless, no downtime, safe and highly effective treatment proposal that can definitely expand the range of indications and cosmetic versatility of your ETHEREA-MX® platform.