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August 6, 2013
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We are pleased to introduce you to Salient Medical Solutions. Over the past 13 years we have observed and helped foster an evolution in the medical device sector. Through watching both start up and mature companies navigate their way into clinics, we envisioned that much could be improved to answer both supplier and client needs in Canada. Over the years, we have developed a concept of how we would refine a company to enhance its’ success and that of our manufacturer and client partners.

Our vision – a new type of distributor/partner, with focus and clear initiatives: delivering support, training, service and practice development support across Canada. A company motivated to help you grow your business, by offering excellence in products and a clear knowledge. A company that respects its’ client base and works with them to put the right products in the right hands, to help its’ partners prosper.

The choice of our new name – Salient, truly represents what we want to be, to both our clients and the manufacturers that we represent. Salient is defined as: most noticeable, important and to stand out. Be it the products we represent, the service we provide, or the passion we bring to our business, we aim to be noticeable and to stand out in your minds. We want to be known as the professionals to call, to deliver meaningful and important solutions for our partners and clients.

Salient’s strength is our ability to provide advanced and innovative product lines, managed by an industry experienced leadership and offering a clear and systematic implementation into the Canadian marketplace by our national sales, training and support teams.

We look forward to working with you to create shared successes.

Yours most truly,

Jay Herman
Salient Medical Solutions



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