New EBK® procedure for Laser Vision correction and Corneal Crosslinking

November 28, 2017
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Toronto, Canada: Salient Medical announces an exclusive distribution agreement with Orca Surgical Ltd for distributing the EBK® products in Canada.

Orca Surgical’s flagship Epi Clear® dynamic Epikeratome device is ushering in a new paradigm for laser-assisted refractive surgery and cross-linking procedures that allows for excellent control of the surface ablation process. The new EBK® (Epi- Bowman’s Keratectomy) procedure leaves Bowman’s layer completely intact.

EBK® allows surgeons to softly sweep across the epithelium to gently and precisely peel the epithelium and simultaneously collect the discarded epithelial cells into the tip for safe removal from the treatment bed. The result is a clean, smooth treatment bed for the Excimer laser to ablate and reshape the cornea for refractive correction, more rapid healing and quality of vision. This product is also designed for epi-off cross-linking procedures, which can benefit from its unique advantages.

“EBK® results supports defining a new type of procedure rather than just epithelium removal device,” said Jay Herman, President of Salient, “this is what excited us about this procedure and it’s positioning in both laser vision correction and corneal crosslinking”

“With a significant introduction such as EBK® to the ophthalmic sector it was critical to partner with a company of proven track record,” says Zvi Shalvi, VP Sales & Marketing for Orca, “with past successes such as introduction of Wave-front, Femtosecond laser & Corneal Inlays, Salient was the right partner for us and we look forward to working closely with Canadian surgeons”

About Salient: Salient Medical Solutions has been instrumental in introducing emerging technologies to the Canadian marketplace. Salient represents world-class medical manufacturers providing Canadians with the most current, effective and efficient technologies.

About Orca Surgical: Orca Surgical Ltd was founded in 2012, by Mr. Yariv Bar-On, an optometrist with over 20 years of experience in the Refractive field. Orca Surgical is part of CTZ Group – a Medical Device accelerator located in Caesarea. Its team consists of a dedicated team of researchers, engineers, surgeons and laser technicians, and their years of experience in ophthalmology. Orca Surgical is a privately-owned company with headquarters in Israel and offices in the USA.