ARTAS®: Our Robotic Heritage

June 13, 2013
Post Categories: Medical Aesthetic Devices

Introducing Dr. Fred Moll: Co-founder of Restoration Robotics & Pioneer of modern day minimally-invasive robotic surgery.

If you’re familiar with the Da Vinci surgical robot – the technological breakthrough that changed the face of surgery – then you are well acquainted with the achievements of Dr. Fred Moll, co-founder & former CEO of Intuitive Surgical.

Over the past decade, Dr. Moll’s endeavours have advanced care in many surgical categories such as cancer surgery. Robotic systems are proven to assist surgeons with difficult, repetitive and precise surgical movements, reducing manual variability and improving outcomes. Their reproducible accuracy and precision has also enabled a shift to less invasive techniques that allow more patients to be treated and to have better experiences.

Building on the benefits of this robotic foundation, Restoration Robotics has brought robotic technology to a new level of sophistication and advancement – delivering safe, accurate and consistent results in hair restoration.


“The ARTAS Robot is actually, I think, the most precise robotic system used in medicine… it has the resolution of movement in the few micron range…it is extraordinarily accurate when its targeting tissue and hair follicles.”

– Dr. Fred Moll