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January 20, 2017
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So here is my “inaugural” blog post on January 20th.  There will be more to come as we officially roll-out our Blog, online resources, e-commerce site (January 30th launch!) and much more.  But events over the past week have compelled me to start with a spontaneous post.  For almost 4 years, after our acquisition of the company I was running, we have endeavored to carefully select highly regarded products after rigourous due diligence and make those products available with the customer care, devotion and support that guides our company. This is not always an easy choice.  Occasionally, this means taking on medical devices with little to no brand awareness and then combating the onslaught of marketing campaigns from multinational companies with large budgets.  However, if we find that the product is superior to current products available on the Canadian market then we passionately take on this task.  We have some very distinctive new products which will be announced in the coming weeks which will change the landscape in several sectors including Aesthetics.

What compelled me to write in advance is the excitement of now being the exclusive Canadian partner of PCA Skin®.  Having been involved with this product in my past for over 10 years I (and my family and friends) were devout lovers of this line. PCA Skin® customers were the happiest of our clientele which was not surprising.  For years, at Salient, in searching for a cosmeceutical line, I have reviewed and declined several lines because PCA Skin® was the benchmark I was using.  In the coming weeks and months there will be several newly released formulations and approvals which bolster the line even more.  PCA themselves are following a new mandate and expanding their company extensively in the USA. The opportunity to partner with them is professionally gratifying for Salient and personally.

Rob Koontz, Director of International PCA Skin; Jay Herman, President Salient Medical Solutions

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Have a Wonderful 2017!

Jay Herman