More comfort, less downtime, happier patients

INTRAcel treatment method driven by the newest technology of Gold Fractional RF Needling particularly induces protein denaturalization and selective coagulation without giving thermal damages on skin surface. It penetrates into a skin, builds columns for healing, and produces thermal damages by the high tensioned radio frequency. Among the entire treatment area, 10-20% of the areas of skin are wounded by micro-needling which brings natural wound healing process and induces development of growth factors of the cell.

  • Safe, with minimal pain to the patient as it is a non-ablative procedure with RF pulses only being targeted at areas below the epidermis
  • Efficient, as the direct RF emission purposefully targets area to stimulate fibroblasts and the production of new collagen
  • Effective, because of the delivery of the appropriate elements through the expansion of the intercellular route.