Non-invasive RF skin remodeling & skin tightening for face, neck and small areas of the body

FORMA and PLUS (previously known as Firm & Plus) offer two configurations of non-invasive sub dermal heating for collagen remodeling.  RF current flows between the electrodes to provide a comfortable thermal experience.  Built in temperature controls allow for the attainment of clinically proven optimal epidermal temperatures, and, in addition, the exclusive capacity for prolonged exposure at therapeutic temperatures.  Reach optimal temperatures quickly and uniformly.

  • Achieve & maintain optimal thermal temperature
  • The only RF device currently available with an automatic cut-off with preset energy levels
  • Operator control allowing for prolonged exposure at therapeutic temperatures for extended optimal efficacious settings without thermal injury
  • Anti-arching safeguards through the modulation of energy over areas of high convexity or concavity
  • Visual and audible indicators of temperature levels
  • Can be combined with the Fractora Resurfacing treatment (i.e. the “FractoraFacial” treatment).