Non-excisional radio frequency assisted liposuction (REFL™) fat removal & skin tightening over small & large areas of the body

BodyTite is the first Radio-Frequency Assisted Liposculpting workstation for the gentle removal of fat and dramatic body contouring. Provide superior body contouring results previously only achieved through more extensive surgical procedures.

  • Rapid heating of the entire soft-tissue matrix over small and large areas resulting in simultaneous body contouring and skin contraction.
  • Built in safeguards including real-time measurements of skin temperature, impedance monitoring, power cut-offs and audible feedback.
  • RFAL gently coagulates adipose tissues and blood vessels resulting in a less traumatic aspiration process with 20-30% less hematocrit to provide patients with greatly reduced post-operative bruising, swelling and discomfort.