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  • SureThik Hair Solution

    SureThik® hair re-growth products have been uniquely formulated using our 30 years Experience in the surgical and non-surgical hair loss… Read More

  • MicroPen Elite

    The Eclipse MicroPen Elite is a revolutionary cordless dermal micro-needling device used by skincare professionals across the globe. It has several… Read More

  • Eclipse PRP

    Eclipse PRP is a proprietary system that is based on blood separation according to density using a unique separation gel. The… Read More

  • Etherea ACROMA-Q handpiece

    Meet ACROMA-QS®, the newest technology solution for the rejuvenation and non-ablative treatment of pigmentary lesions on all skin types, operating… Read More

  • Etherea ATHENA handpiece

    DualMode® ATHENA is a revolutionary treatment method, which promotes the improvement of women’s health. Operating with precision, safety and efficacy,… Read More

  • Etherea IPL-SQ handpiece

    Incorporating the next generation in IPL technology, ETHEREA IPL-SQ has exclusive SQUARE-WAVE Pulse® technology, which combines efficacy results, safety and… Read More

  • ETHEREA-MX platform

    ETHEREA-MX® is the next generation of laser and light-based platform technology. Offering multiple applications in one system, ETHEREA-MX is capable of… Read More

  • Avedro Mosaic

    The Mosaic™ System allows patterned, precise, topography-guided Accelerated Cross-Linking in just minutes by increasing the UVA power and reducing the… Read More

  • Viora Infusion

    Infusion, Viora’s Electro-Mesotherapy device, delivers a non-invasive, needle-free solution for superior trans-dermal delivery of topicals. Your clients will enjoy the… Read More

  • Viora Pristine

    A complete medical aesthetic solution, Pristine treats a range of common skin conditions – including aging, sun exposure, acne, scars… Read More

  • Viora Trios

    Trios by Viora offers leading IPL solutions for the most widely requested medical aesthetic treatments, including hair removal, skin rejuvenation,… Read More

  • Viora V-FORM handpiece

    V-FORM harnesses Viora’s leading smart technologies, delivering powerful, customizable contouring and cellulite reduction solutions without any downtime for your patients. With integrated multi-CORE… Read More

  • Viora V-FR handpiece

    Fractional RF treatments allow for safer, more comfortable treatments for patients looking for skin resurfacing, rejuvenation, acne scar clearance, wrinkle… Read More

  • Viora V-IPL handpiece

    Viora’s technology ensures that every skin type and condition can be treated thanks to Viora’s proprietary PulseConfiguRythm™ (PCR™). PCR™ generates various pulse… Read More

  • Viora V-Nd:YAG handpiece

    Use Viora’s V-Nd:YAG handpiece for the ultimate in laser treatments: vascular lesions, skin rejuvenation and focused hair removal for dark… Read More

  • Viora V-ST handpiece

    Now you can perform non-invasive treatments and achieve superior results! The advanced Viora V-ST handpiece integrates Viora’s proprietary and revolutionary multi-RF technology, CORE (Channeling… Read More

  • PCA Skin

    PCA SKIN Canada is here! Formulating products that improve the health of your skin is a cornerstone of PCA SKIN…. Read More

  • dEp Patch mask

    dEp patch system is the only technology in the world that incorporates a fully reusable, enhanced micro current in a… Read More

  • MED-JET Injectors

    The days of needle trauma are finally over with MED-JET injector! This new device allows penetration and drug delivery via an ultra-fine… Read More

  • DermaFrac™

    An alternative to fractional laser treatments DermaFrac is the patent-pending, dermal micro-channeling system that offers simultaneous delivery of infused ingredients in… Read More

  • Used Equipment

    Salient has a wide range of quality, well-maintained used Aesthetic equipment for sale at excellent prices. Take a look at… Read More

  • IQ 577™ Laser System

    IQ 577 ™ Laser System – True yellow laser for retinal disorders, including MicroPulse™ Laser Therapy for Fovea-Friendly™* laser grids… Read More

  • IQ 532™ Laser System

    Dual port green laser for comprehensive ophthalmology, including MicroPulse™ Laser Therapy for repeatable, tissue-sparing* glaucoma and retinal therapies. *Bhagat N,… Read More

  • Iridex TruFocus™

    Superior Treatment Flexibility, Consistency, and Reliability TruFocus™ optical system for greater working distances and diagnostic capabilities. Independent positioning of the… Read More

  • DioPexy™ Probe

    The DioPexy probe is indicated for transscleral retinal photocoagulation (TSRPC) and has been shown to be a safe and effective… Read More

  • Consumables

    Enhancing visualization and surgical performance with every product

  • Konan CellChek SL

    Konan’s specular microscopes are the global gold standard for precision assessment of the most critical layer of the cornea, the… Read More

  • Konan CellChek D and D+

    Introducing the first multi-imaging system for donor corneal analysis. CellChek D+ provides an amazing view into the cornea that simply… Read More

  • Konan CellChek XL

    Konan specular microscopes are the global leaders for specular endothelial analysis, both for routine clinical practice and clinical research. Simple… Read More

  • EVLA 1470nm Laser

    ELVeS PL offers the optimum treatment solution for an effective and gentle endovenous laser therapy and is setting new standards… Read More

  • Vidi Amblyopia glasses

    Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) – Amblyopia, commonly known as lazy eye, is the eye condition characterised by reduced vision not corrected by… Read More

  • Avellino DNA Test

    LASIK, an elective procedure, is one of the safest medical procedures available and outcomes almost always exceed patient expectations. Advances… Read More


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